our tailoring team is designing new items for this fall-winter and for party season! remember that everything that you see in our store can be made-to-measure.


For every tailored garment we have a large collection of chilean made 100% deluxe wool fabric, this novelty fabric is like you've never seen or feel before! from a renowned chilean brand since 1800s, you can choose between more than 30 unique colors of deluxe and eco-friendly made wool. Don't wear wool? no problem! Don't miss our selection of vegan friendly faux wool of the highgest quality, you won't even tell it's not real!  


In El Atelier Secreto we tailor our couture collection or custom made items in the tradition of vintage fashion making, having especial care in every aspect of fitting, all out patterning is based in real antique or vintage sources. we are a brand that revives traditional tailoring, givin every couture item the time and work needed, we want to be a different brand that treats clothes as precious as clothes were treated in the past. An El Atelier Secreto vintage inspired coat is a piece of garment that will last all your life and generations beyond, just like the real deal.

Our Sophia Cocktail dress was created for and by request of the gorgeous vintage lady @madame.rhos, for this dress we inspired in her classic Dior looks and in the hourglass silhouette of his 50's collections, we put together a lot of iconic looks and dresses to create a simple vintage inspired little black dress that everyone can wear gorgeously. we named this dress Sophia, because she always looked gorgeous in Dior models and off-shoulder and shoulderless dresses were her signature look, enjoy the dress!